4/9 ~ Ben (PookieB)

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4/9 ~ Ben (PookieB)

:occasion18: Happy 1st Birthday, Ben! :cake:


Beth, how are you celebrating? Fill us in!

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Happy Birthday Ben!


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Happy Birthday Ben! How exciting to turn one! Yay!

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Happy birthday!!!!!

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Ben, how is it that you are already 1?!?!?!?! WOw!!! I hope you have a very special first birthday!

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Wow that snuck up! Happy birthday! :party:

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Thanks ladies! He had a great day! We had ice cream cake last night and he didn't like the cold so I gave him a cupcake after, It was funny to watch. He walks all over the place. Says 4 new words. Duck, ball, bubble and Grandad. Has 7 teeth and still breastfeeding mostly at night. He slept through the night last night(10 hours). His birthday party is on the 21st so I'll be sure to share them after we have it.

Here's a pic of last night. Uploading a video on FB now. Sorry Julie. Sad

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Sounds like a fun day!! Grandad...that's a funny first word. LOL

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He is such a cutie. Biggrin Happy birthday, Ben! Love the update and glad to hear he slept 10 hours for you. Keep that up little guy!

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Sorry I am a day late here.

Happy 1st Birthday, Ben!!! :wootjump:

He is a cutie! So glad he has been having a good birthday and can't wait to see pictures from his party!