6/7 ~ Alicia! (mommyvolc)

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6/7 ~ Alicia! (mommyvolc)

:happybday: :bdaycake:

Happy 4th Birthday, Alicia!!!!
(4...did I type that right??!?! 4 seems so old!)


Nicole, any plans? Is Alicia excited about her special day?!

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Happy Birthday, Alicia!!! I hope you have a very fun day today!!!!!!

I can't believe our little "June berries" are now pre-k! This is going to be a strange year for me... I am already getting teary eyed every time I think about Kindergarten.

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Happy birthday!!!

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Happy 4th Birthday, Alicia!!!! Yahoo

How are you celebrating?

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4?! FOUR?!? Wow! Time flies! I cannot believe our kiddos are getting so old! 4!!!

Alicia! I hope you have a super fun 4th (sniff, sniff) Birthday! Eat some cake for me! :cake:

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Aw, thanks ladies! I cannot believe she is four either! She had a great day yesterday. The morning didn't start so well...she got up and we had hung streamers from the stairs to look like a rainbow...and she was scared of them :(. But from there things got better. Apparently she kept spontaneously singing happy birthday at school and she really liked her big girl bike. We are having a party for her on Sunday so I'll try to remember to post some pics afterwards. Photobucket hates me Wink And Cali, I have to agree about the kindergarten thing...I am SO not ready for her to go to school. DH told me yesterday that he was reading that kids are 100% yours when they are born, you are the center of their world...and as they grow they become 10% less yours each passing year. I am not ready to give that much up yet!!!!