9/6 - Trevor - Cali26

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9/6 - Trevor - Cali26

Happy Birthday, Trevor! Yahoo :yahoo: Yahoo You are growing up so fast! I hope you have a great day!

Any special plans to share with us, Cali? How is T feeling?

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Happy Birthday T!! I hope he has a great one. How is he feeling?

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Happy Birthday Trevor Smile

Hope you enjoy a great day!


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Happy birthday!!!! Smile

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Thank you! We had a fun day today! I took the day off and spent some 1:1 time with him, which was great. Smile We were out and about today and then stopped by his school for a "party" with his other toddler friends. It was cute. His grandparents came over tonight for cake/ presents. He was having so much fun, he didn't want to go to bed Smile
He is on his second cold since his infection last month.... so he's pretty much been sick for 5 weeks now... Sad We go in for his 2 year check up on Monday.
We have a birthday party planned for this coming Sunday. I can't believe he is 2!!

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I am so glad he had a great birthday! I am sure he is glad there is more to come. Biggrin Hope he gets over his illness soon!

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I'm late...

Happy Birthday, Trevor! I can't believe you're 2, either! :jumpingbeans:

I hope he has a fun time at his party tomorrow!!!