Ahem. Cough. Cough.

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Ahem. Cough. Cough.

Yesterday THIS was in my email. Just sharing. :bigwink:

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You're crazy.

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Does that mean I can put my decorations up?!

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Oh good grief! There's too much between now and Thanksgiving alone for me to even think about Christmas in the least bit! I'm hoping we'll be outta here by then!!! lol.

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I love seeing this. My ticker is kind of a countdown to Christmas - actually Dec 28th - so take away 3 days to watch Christmas get closer and closer Smile

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Meanwhile it's supposed to be 105 today. It's really not beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Wink

100 days does make it sound close though.

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This is the first year that the thought of Christmas coming is stressing me out. I guess I have too much going on!!!

Although, I did get a package yesterday that included my first Christmas present purchases for the year...

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Well Evie has been singing Jingle Bells ever since LAST Christmas, so here's all the justification to continue singing it the rest of the year, ie next 100+ days or so.....

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"joysiloo" wrote:

You're crazy.


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Yippie, I can't wait this year. Mr T will really get it!!

Oh yeah and I have his christmas shopping done and dusted LOL! Just have to pick it up in December!

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