Allergy Med Frustration (Long, sorry)

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Allergy Med Frustration (Long, sorry)

We just cannot catch a break. A little history...

Isaiah had issues starting at 12 months with vomiting while eating meals. It took us years to figure out that it was not a milk sensitivity or an issue related to textures, but "nonallergic" rhinitis. The allergist still believes that he has allergies, but he doesn't react to traditional allergy tests. So, we started Nasonex, Singulair, and Clarinex when he was about 4, I think. It was the perfect combination for him. It brought down all of the irritation and inflammation in his sinuses. He was able to eat without getting sick, and run and play without coughing and getting winded. The allergist ruled out asthma as well. YAY!

Fast forward to this past spring. Isaiah started Nasonex and Children's Claritin. The allergist felt that we had everything under control enough that he did not need a prescription antihistamine. Enter extreme hyperactivity!!!! Isaiah could not sit still. He paced our kitchen, jumped around like mad, and ran in circles at school. The week (after being on it for 1 1/2 weeks, btw) he was sent to the principal's office three time, when he had never visited that office before EVER, told us that he needed to be removed from Claritin, and fast. So, the allergist recommended Allegra. We started that in the summer, after school was out. Most of the summer, it seemed like it was a good fit. Beginning in August, Isaiah started getting up really early. It started as 5:30 and has slowly made it to 3:45, as of this morning. Insomnia is not a stated side effect of allegra suspension liquid (it is for Allegra-D, which Isaiah does not take); however, I found several medical websites saying that people are reporting issues with insomnia and allegra with longer term use. So, it looks like we are back to the beginning. Seasonal allergies are about to flare again out here with mold counts growing as fall rain sets in. Boo! Sad

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I'm SO sorry. I have no advice, but :bigarmhug: for you and another one :bigarmhug: for Isaiah.


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I'm so sorry - I can't even imagine what a crummy place that is to be in. I know I have had allergy issues for a few years now and the only thing that really helped me was a daily Netipot and some type of allergy RX...but obviously that's not the case for you guys. I hope you are able to find a combo soon that works for him.

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Oh no. Sounds awful! I wish I could suggest something but I have no idea when it comes to these things. I hope you guys can find the right fix soon. Poor Isaiah!

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Ugh, that is horrible! Would it be possible to go back to his old regime?