Any tips on how to handle a cry-baby?

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Any tips on how to handle a cry-baby?

Andrew throws huge hysterical fits anytime he falls, bumps any part of his body on something, or even thinks it may have looked like he may have fallen or hit his head.

We have never made a fuss when the kids falling or running into things. I know it's an attention thing, and I've tried ignoring him, talking to him about it, even asking him to flat out stop when I know for sure he did not bump his head like he's making it out to look. But he continues to throw these crying fits.

Any tips? Do I just have to wait this phase out?

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Hmmm. I guess if it were Miles I would kiss the "owie" and try to change the subject. Me changing the subject on Miles when he's upset usually involves me acting like a fool, or doing something totally ridiculous. Sometimes it's something Vivi does, like if she reaches out to him I tell him she's going to tickle him which gets him laughing. He is really whiny lately when he doesn't want to do something, but I figured out (LOL) that if I pretend to cry, he doesn't like the sound of that, so he will stop whining so I will stop. Kind of like a taste of his own medicine.

Idunno. I'm probably not any help. lol

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Sounds like a phase...

In the meantime, I'd let him know he was ok and then immediately redirect his attention to another activity.

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Hmm... We do redirect, but that rarely works. I also kiss his owies but that doesn't end it either. I was hoping for a magic button. Wink The whining and crying gets to me rather fast these days, but I mostly worry that his crying wolf is going to desensitize me to bigger owies that actually do hurt and need TLC.

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Hmmm. I don't have anything new to suggest, at least not at the moment. I'm currently relaxing with a glass of :wine: after a busy weekend. Smile

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You're on to something, Julie! Instead of a magic button, I need a magic drink! Wink

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This is Alicia to a T. We've actually had some success with asking her not to whine and telling her she needs to apologize for whining. As for the boo boos, our rule of thumb is bandaids if its bleeding, kisses if its not and then shake it off. We do a silly dance to shake off the owie and it seems to work.


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