Ava is cracking me up!

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Ava is cracking me up!

She is walking around in heels asking me if I want a "hamden Booger" (hamburger) and making me call her Momma while she's talking on the phone (to my BFF) and telling me, "Yes! You may, Miss Ava." Wonder if that's supposed to be me? ROFL

I love this age! Biggrin

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ROFL I would like a hamdenbooger please!

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TOO funny!!!

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LOL, it sounds like she's got quite the imagination already!

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LOL I love their imaginations right now! She sounds adorable!

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That is soooo cute!!!!!

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I love it! Very cute!

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Ha - mini Amber hu?

My 4 year old niece can't say hamburger and calls it a hangaburger. My bro and SIL think its cute so they never correct her. lol

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That is so adorable! It's especially funny that you are getting a little insight as to how she sees her mama. Biggrin

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So cute! I love how imaginative they start to become...another little window into their thoughts.

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That is adorable! I just love imaginative play!!