Birthday gifts

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Birthday gifts

I am struggling with what to get my girls for birthday gifts. They are in that in between stage. Too old for infant toys, too little for 3 and over toys. They already have Lego Duplos, Little People, blocks, wooden puzzles, etc. from their brother. My mom got them Fisher-Price Snap and Style dolls. I have no clue what they are, but they look cute.

I have debated an easel, but those are mostly 3 and up, plus I think my girls are too short. :shock: I plan to buy some glitter play-doh, but I am not sure if I want to give them that for their birthday or Christmas. They have tons of books.

Any ideas? What would you get two-year-old girls?

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Get the Easel! We have one, and Andrew loves it.

Other than that, I have no clue! I'm wondering what to get Andrew too- so I'll be watching this for ideas.

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Do you have room for a kitchen set? (assuming you don't already have one lol) I hope to get Aiden one next year for Christmas.
Child sized furniture of some sort? (but you probably already have some of that)
Musical toys? (and a set of ear plugs for you :D)

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We bought Miles an easel for Christmas last year and he would have just turned 2 a month before it. He was a *little* short at first, but he still loved it (and loves it still!).

What about some accessories for their dolls? Like those little push umbrella strollers? Dress-up clothes? Now would be a great time to get some on clearance after Halloween.

We got Miles a slide for Christmas from Santa last year and that has been a huge hit, too. We keep it in our house.

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I was thinking doll accessories as well. Jordan loves her baby doll stroller and they could potentially play with that sort of thing for the next few years.

What about Cabbage Patch dolls? My Little Ponies? A small table with chairs? Big Wheels?

Or maybe something like passes to the zoo?

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I'm having difficulty finding T Christmas gifts for similar reasons!

Let's see...some of the gifts Jake loved over the past year:
bounce house (this was on sale & we had a coupon)
drum set (this is in our "music room" for special occasions Smile )
Leap Frog toys -- they have some fun learning toys and J loves them!
easel (we have a tabletop easel made from Melissa & Doug)
small table & chairs (gift from gma and he loves it)
tent and sleeping bag

Other fun ideas:
sand/water table
dolls - I rec'd a catalog today that sells "twin" dolls...
sidewalk chalk
dress up clothes
those fun mini couches at TRU/BRU

Santa brought J tickets to an Imagination Movers concert last year and he loved it!

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I was going to say a kitchen set or slide too! The kitchen set they'd have so much fun with together and how fun for their imaginations!

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If you don't have a little kitchen, I also agree with that. I got one on CL that we cleaned up a bit and it has been played with Every. Single. Day. that we've been home since then. Huge hit. Ikea has a great one and Ikea is also a great place to buy felt food and dishes. Here's a picture of ours:

We also have a Cozy Coupe that she loves.

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Thanks for all of your ideas! I will definitely think about getting an easel. I saw that Crayola makes a tabletop easel that might work well. I bought two Doodle Pros this weekend. They discovered Isaiah's on Friday night and were fighting over it. So, I knew this would be a hit.

I was admiring some dress up clothes at Target over the weeknd. I plan to get some of those for Christmas. We also have a kitchen on the list for Christmas. I also saw some My First Disney Princess dolls. Some of the accessories are for 3 and up, but the dolls look safe for the 2-3 yo age range.

Now, it is figuring out what to get my almost 8 yo DS. You always think it will get easier until they hit about 10-12, but it seems like we have almost hit a wall. We need to weed through DS's toys to make some room for some new things. My parents got him a telescope. The question becomes where we put it. Ugh!