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I've recently planned a pink shower for twin girls.... I just learned that the twin girls are actually twin boys! Despite the guests receiving pink invitations, I'm changing everything else to blue.

We're doing a wild animal/safari theme (that's what her nursery is). I'm looking at decor and am thinking of using different shades of blue with safari print. Here is some of what I am thinking (in terms of color):

tablecloths, dessert plates, beverage napkins:
dinner napkins:

I will also have a chocolate fountain with blue chocolate (more of a navy color). At the moment, my center pieces will have a zebra print on old baby food jars. The party favors are more of a royal blue in color.

The party is at night, it is co-ed, and the decor will be indoors and outdoors. Do you think I can make all of these colors/animal prints work together? Or do you think it may be too much and maybe I should stick with one shade of blue? I usually go simple and stick with basic colors. But since this is a different kind of shower, I wanted to change up the colors a bit. I'd love to hear your thoughts or suggestions!

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I love it all!! the only thing I might change, is to do the plates in a different color than the table covers to get a little varitaion on the tables. Maybe do the light blue color for the tables? or maybe in brown to tie in the safari lanterns?

Either way it all looks great! And how funny they guessed wrong the first time around. You rarely hear about that these days. I hope the parents haven't purchased too much pink yet. Smile

Share pictures!!!

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Thanks for the suggestion!

My sister had a handful of pink stuff. She was pretty convinced she was having girls. She gets weekly u/s's and at each one they have confirmed that she was having girls. She's in shock right now Smile But the boys look great! That's all that matters! Smile

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Everything you've chosen looks perfect! How funny that they guessed wrong. On both of the babies! When is the shower?