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Candice - maybethisismymonth

Where are you?????????? Happy Birthday to Ella today! We haven't heard from you in forever! Are you lurking???

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Happy Birthday, baby Ella! One already!? Where does the time go? I hope you have a super fun day tomorrow! :cake:

(Julie- just another reason you need Fb. Blum 3 )

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Hmmm...I need Candice to send me a message with how to add her on FB. I miss her. We went through years of ttc together and our kiddos were born on the same day, just a year apart. We must keep in touch!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Ella!

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Happy Birthday, Ella!!

:bdaycake: :happybday:

Candice - come back!

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Happy Birthday baby Ella!!!!! Smile

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Hope Ella had a great birthday! Loved the pictures you shared on facebook. Hope you check in here soon!

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Happy Birthday, Ella! I also loved seeing her sweet pictures on facebook. Smile