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How was everyone's Christmas? What did you do? Did you cook? What did you make? Did you go somewhere? What did you bring? If you exchanged gifts what did you get? What was your child(ren)'s favorite gift? Fill us in on your holiday!

And...what is everyone doing for New Years?

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We had a nice (busy and somewhat stressful) holiday. We have so many different places to go, I get frustrated as I am not able to keep any consistent routines with the boys. We stayed at MIL's one night and that was probably the most difficult for them....but we survived!I didn't cook this year, but I did do some baking and shared that with all of the hosts/hostesses we visited. I baked cookies, fudge and these awesome candy bar cookie bars. YUM! I received some nice gifts and so did the boys. The biggest hits include a new playhouse, a new bike, a fun Little Tikes fire truck, Let's Rock Elmo, Dancing Mickey, and a a fun stand up microphone that the boys are constantly using to perform concerts for us (I especially like Jake's holiday medley that he has come up with!). They always get so much for Christmas. They are two lucky little boys. This year, I tried to teach Jake the importance of giving. One thing that I did to help reinforce that was taking him to the 99cent store and allowing him to buy gifts for his grandparents and aunts/uncles. He actually put thought into his gifts and he helped pick out the wrapping paper and assisted me with the wrapping. He was proud to give them the presents. I'm glad I did that with him.

As far as New Year's goes.... I don't think we'll be doing anything exciting. We might invite a few people over and throw a kid focused New Year's Eve party.

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We were very busy also. We spend Christmas eve we baked all day then went to my Sister's house in the mountains. We stopped by the hospital to drop off our stuff for NICU that night. We didn't get the kids in bed until almost 11pm. Christmas day, I had the IL's over for brunch. I made cinnamon rolls, an egg/hashbrown/bacon in muffin pan dish I found on Pinterest and some fruit. Then we went to my Aunts house. If I didn't have to work (which I did not) we were suppose to go to to my SIL's for dinner. But the kids and I were tired, so we just came hope. Yesterday we had dinner with the IL's at their house in the mountains. We did not get home until late. And poor Ava slept until 10:30 this morning and woke up puking. Sad

Santa brought the kids digital cameras from Vtech that are a big hit! They also got a Train table that they love! The train table was set up under the tree. That was a mistake. We couldn't drag them away from it to open any other gifts. they now have WAY too many toys. They are very lucky to have so many people who love them.

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We had a nice Christmas with just the three of us. We stayed in our PJs all day and watched Aiden very slowly open presents (took him 7 hours to open 10 gifts). I cooked ham, sausage dressing, broccoli, and rolls. I didn't bother with a dessert since I knew we'd all be eating candy.
DH and I just exchange stockings and Christmas Eve PJs. He did a great job on the PJs and I got my 2 favorite candies in the stocking. Smile
Aiden loves all of the wood stuff he got. He got a couple of wood puzzles (which he's more interested in banging the pieces together right now lol), a wood ring stacker, a wood train with removable blocks, and a wood magnetic crane truck from IKEA. His other favorite toy is a Green Toys firetruck. I was very happy that everyone respected my wishes and there wasn't a single battery toy. Biggrin
Aiden also got a Radio Flyer scoot about as his santa gift, but he's afraid to sit on it. Santa FAIL! lol!

And I have no idea what we're doing for new year's other than we will be sitting at home. I'm trying to get DH to agree to play card games or something. We don't even have TV stations to watch the ball drop!

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I'm exhausted! We had 4 different gatherings to go to, one each on Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon. I'm trying to put our house back together. Also trying to pack away some of Miles' old toys when he's not looking, because our house is being overtaken...

Both dh and Miles have colds. Miles woke up yesterday with it, so the 2 of them stayed home yesterday while I went to the last gathering with Vivi. Just hoping Vivi and myself don't get it.

Miles' favorite gift is probably "My Pal Violet" that Vivian received, LOL. He has Scout already and loves it, but doesn't understand that Violet is for Vivian. Vivi got a lot of clothes, but I think her favorite gift in a few short weeks will be the floor activity gym that she got.

As for gifts that I got, dh and I got a new microwave from my parents. Also from them I got a cupboard/shelf unit for over the toilet, and a butcher block knife set. Also got some cash, a new sweater and necklace, a kit to cut Miles' hair, and more. Lots of good stuff!

I brought this Olive Cheese Bread ( ) to a couple of the gatherings and it was a hit. Also made a huge batch of Chex Mix so brought that, and then Watergate Salad.

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We had a wonderful day, just the three of us. Jordan opened up her presents and we spent the day letting her play with her new toys and reading her new books. She really seemed to enjoy everything equally! I cooked cream cheese chicken rolls and veggies for dinner b/c it's one of our favorite meals.

I had one gift for DH. Nothing big, just some Under Armor shorts to wear around the house. He hates wearing jeans so he changes as soon as he gets home. Sadly, he didn't have anything for me yet. Sad I've been giving him a hard time about it but I was not too upset about it. He said he looked at book lights for me but didn't know which one to get me so I'm supposed to pick one out. I did buy a barely used Mei Tai carrier on Christmas so I guess I did get myself a gift, lol.

New Year's Eve will be spent with my family. We will eat and do our gift exchange.

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We had a good Christmas day. It was just the 5 of us. Isaiah was really excited. S kind of panicked when she saw all the gifts on Christmas morning. Once she realized that her brother and sister thought it looked really neat, she proceeded to enjoy the new kitchen that Santa brought for the girls. Isaiah's favorite gift in the Star Wars Death Star Trench Run set, which was a play set with two fighters, X-wing and a Tai fighter, plus it had Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader figures. He was in heaven. He also received Nerf Vortex guns, which have been a hit with friends.

The girls discovered that opening presents is fun. K learned the word present over the holidays. When my parents arrived on Thursday and brought in their gifts, she started chanting,, "presents, open presents." LOL She is so funny.

I neglected to take Isaiah to buy gifts this year for people. Life was so chaotic leading up to Christmas and I feel like I am not functioning well at all. So, I was a bad mommy. Sad There is always next year.

Craig and I did not exchange gifts. Honestly, I think I need to insist on it. He gets away with not having to shop at all because he knows I will take care of everyone else. So, he needs to take Isaiah out and get a gift for me or help him make one. I need to do the same. We did that before the girls came along, but it seems like a lot of things have gotten lost with the twin tornadoes in our house. We need to refocus and reprioritize, I think.

We played games with Isaiah on NYE. Isaiah crashed at 11:30, so DH and I watched the end of a movie we had started a few days earlier--and could not finish because we were too tired.

We celebrated Isaiah's birthday with my parents on New Year's Day. My parents brought over donuts for breakfast and we had a birthday cake after dinner that night.

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We had a great Christmas! We went down to my parents for a week and had Christmas there like usual. Christmas Eve we made cookies and decorated them and the kids were in bed by 11. We had fun playing Santa putting the presents out. Grace got the Fischer Price loving family doll house with accessories, an easy bake oven and melissa and doug cookies, cupcakes and wedding cake decorating set which are her favorite so far.. She was so happy that Santa brought her what she asked for. We saw him and wrote him a letter. Wink Ben got this cute Fischer Price basketball hoop, Dino poppity ball thing and a toy car that moves when he shakes the rattle. They both got toy smartphones too. Smile I got some nice stoneware and a chef knife set. Hubby got clothes which he always needs and a uber swiss army knife. We got both our mother's kindles which they loved! It was great to see everyone. I'm already looking forward to next year's Christmas because I didn't get to decorate as much as I'd like. All in all it was still wonderful.