A couple pics from Ava's b-day

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A couple pics from Ava's b-day

I think most of you have seen these from FB, but for those of you who have not *coughJulieCough* I wanted to post them here too. Biggrin

We put 3 balloons into her room while she was sleeping, and tapped her in her room with streamers across her door for her to break through in the morning. She LOVED the balloons and crawled under the streamers. lol!

My plan was to do the party outside and I had fun games arranged for the kids, it was sunny and 70's to 80's all week. Buuuttt, of course the day of the party is snowed! So we all crammed into my basement and I couldn't do some of our activities. Oh well. Ava still loved every second of it. Birthdays are her favorite thing- her own birthday was all that more exciting for her.

Here is her costume. I may be a little bias, but I think she was freaking adorable!

Here are DH, Drew and me. Andrew hated his costume. H.A.T.E.D it! I'm a mean Mom and made him wear it for at least a little bit anyways. it's from last year and it was really pricy so I'm squeezing all the usage out of it I can. Hopefully ToTing warms him up on it the next time he wears it.

These are the goodie bags I made for the little ones. I made them large to double as trick or treat bags and they were filled with Halloween socks, glow sticks, necklaces and bracelets, Halloween temp. tattoos, chocolate bar wrapped like Mummy's and Ghost suckers.

the girls also got these pumpkin hairbows.

The banner that Ashley made (thanks again, Ash! Smile )

My favorite part was how she beamed when everyone sang to her. It made me teary! Here is the video and a link incase embedding doesn't work http://youtu.be/h0Aqo59JcFQ

If anyone who is not on FB wants to see more, just PM me and I'll send you a link. I'm too lazy to resize them all to put over here.

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Ava looked so cute. Love all these pictures. I can't believe it snowed after such a great week weather wise. It sounds like you made her birthday completely fun. Thank you for sharing these here for those *cough* not on facebook. Ashley - love the banner!

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Love these! Love the treat bags that they can also use ToTing. Did you make the pumpkin hairclips? Those are adorable. I know a little girl who might need one of those. Lol Ava's costume is too, TOO cute!!!!

So what sorts of things did Ava get for gifts? Looking for ideas over here. Wink

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Ashley- I did make the hairbow. It was fairly easy, and I agree! Violet Wink needs one too! I'll send one to you for next year when I get a chance to make somemore. The ToT bags I got the idea from a blog, and I just made them a little larger.

So far, the biggest hits of the day were a shopping cart. I'm going to have to get another one Andrew, because they fight over it. She also got some play kitchen stuff that she really likes, and a memory game. I'm so glad someone got us that! She adores it, and I didn't think she would quiet get the concept, but she totally does!

Julie- It was so funny that it snowed. Of course ,it was too warm to stick, but it made it too wet to be outside. We're going to a pumpkin patch birthday party on Saturday and it's going to be 85. :roll:

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Very cute, Amber! The goody bags were a great idea. And I think I'll have to steal the idea of putting balloons in her room in the morning. So fun!

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You throw the best parties! Ava's costume is so adorable. Love it! The TOT bags were such a great idea! I enjoyed seeing all the photos on FB too. Glad it went so well!

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All of that is great! I love it all.