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critique my menu

I'm planning food for Ava's party this weekend. Does it seem balanced? Healthy enough options?

-veggie tray
-fruit tray
-cheese and cracker tray
-doritos (ava's favorite)
-dips for the fruit and veggies

-Salad with fixings.
-pizza. ( A meat, veggie and cheese) (delivery)
-PBJ sandwiches
-Roasted Veggies

-ice cream
-oreos covered in white chocoalte and sprinkles
-sugar cookies

-chocolate milk
-juice or punch(I never give my kids juice, think other kids will miss it if it's not there?)
-beer/ wine for the grown ups

Does that seem okay? I'm hosting right at the stroke of 12. (It is a princess party after all!) So I want to make sure to serve a full lunch.

Also, how many salad dressings would you offer? Does 3 seem okay? Ranch, a vinegarette and Italian? Is there another favorite that I'm missing?

I'm doing a topping bar for the salads. What are your favorite toppings? I was thinking tomatos, sunflower seeds, some sort of dried fruit, cucumbers, carrots.....what else? Cheese? What kind? Feta?

TIA! Smile

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Yum! Can I come?

I prefer French dressing on my salads...but would go with Ranch if I *had* to. Biggrin

What sorts of fruit will you do on the fruit tray? Just curious, because I think a lot of the melons are starting to be out of season now?

I don't know if you'd have to do the PBJ sandwiches, unless it was for the kids like a tea party. I think all kids like pizza and would be happy to eat that w/cheese, crackers, etc.

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I think it sounds great! And as good as the roasted veggies sound I don't think you need them. Especially with having salad and a veggie tray with your appetizer.

I think 3 different dressings for salad is perfect. Your choices are fine! Or take out the vinaigrette and replace that with french or catalina. As far as the dried fruit toppings - craisins are perfect!

Can't wait to hear all about the party! Share pictures with us, too!

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I'll add French to the mix as well. Thanks for the suggestion. And, I would be happy to lose the PBJ's. The party is at my house, so if I need to whip one up for a picky kiddo I can do so easily.

The roasted veggies are more for me than anyone. I'm trying to make 90% of my diet plant based. I'm a piggy, so a salad won't cut it. Wink Otherwise I would totally lose them.

Thanks for the help! Smile

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Good idea that you can offer to make one up if you need do Smile

I'm looking forward to seeing party pictures!

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Everything sounds yummy!!! Have a great time at the party!! Can't wait to see party pics!!! Smile

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