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I am calling daycare today to express some concerns, but I am considering a move from the girls' current daycare situation. Things have been going progressively downhill. My biggest complaints right now is that when I pick my girls up, they are in high chairs. Who knows for how long? Can you imagine? It just peeves me big time. There have been two occasions in the last week that the person working has left the young kids, ages 2 and under, in high chairs in the kitchen, and she has had Dr. Oz or the news on the TV in the play area. WTH? Shouldn't the kids be in there playing?

We have also had issues with both girls being bitten by another kid. I get that kids bite, and I get that it is hard to manage that behavior. However, good supervision and intervention when that child gets upset, BEFORE they bite is important. Obviously, that hasn't happened. This kid has broken the skin each time, so we have had to really watch the girls and make sure that they are okay. So, I guess IMO, it just isn't acceptable.

Wish me luck in figuring out what to do. We cannot afford to go up much in cost of daycare right now. The place I want to send the girls will be an extra $48 per week and that is with an employee discount because I am a Y employee and it is the daycare associated with our Y.

I am so stressed about this. Blah!

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I would be so upset about the girls sitting in the high chairs. Do they just leave them in there all day? I would be wanting some answers.

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I know it is not all day because I have stopped by unannounced and the kids are playing. It is always when I pick them up. They put them in them for snack in the afternoon and I don't think they take them out.

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That sounds very frustrating. When I first put Deacon in daycare there was an issue with one of the teachers leaving the babies in a swing all day to keep them sleepy. Eventually enough parents complained that they took the swings out altogether (after the state was called in).

I hope your talk goes well and you are able to move them if you feel like your complaints aren't being satisfied.

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I think it's always good to listen to your gut. Expecially when it comes to the people taking care of your children. It might be an easy of a fix as talking to them, or maybe finding a new place. But I think you have to feel good about these people that play such an important role in yours and the girls lives.

Good luck!!

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I agree with Amber. Go with your gut.

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I think you are right to address your concerns. I would not be happy if my child were restrained in a high chair just as a means to contain them. If I understand you, they are not actually snacking anymore when you pick them up? Not okay.

As far as the biting, it's tough for daycares, but it is totally understandable that you are concerned. I worked in daycares and preschools through all of my college years and some kids are just biters. However, we knew who to watch and we did EVERYTHING we could to prevent it from happening. Occasionally it would happen so quick that we couldn't stop it but it was rare that we couldn't at least keep it from being more than just an impression. I still think it's perfectly reasonable for you to bring up.

Good luck. I hope they are quick to resolve the issues. If not then I hope you find somewhere you are happy with.

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I'm so sorry, Melanie. Your gut is always going to be right especially in a mothering your children situation. I hope this works out soon for you. Keep us posted. :bighug:

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Daycare is tough. Trusting that someone is taking the best care of your child is a tough thing to do. I struggle with this. My boys go to school three days a week and I pay money we don't have for a center with a guardian camera because of my lack of trust in people. I do hope that you are able to easily address your concerns with these current providers. If not, I do hope things work out well for you with the Y. The extra money may be worth it for your own peace of mind, should you choose to make a change. Good luck!

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Any updates? Did you get to talk to them?

I have no advice, but have been wondering how things are going.

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I have not talked to them yet. On Friday, I got ready to call and remembered they were in the middle of the Christmas party. Right now, I am dealing with some stuff with my DS, and I am not sure I am in an emotional state where I am ready to be objective. I am hoping to either talk to them today when I pick the girls up, or call tomorrow.

When I got there yesterday, Sarafina was playing, but Keira was in a high chair out in the play area. So confusing. Sad

Thanks for asking. I will definitely keep you posted.

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Did you happen to ask why she was in a high chair? Let us know how it goes!