Father's Day

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Father's Day

I know we talked about Father's Day before but are you done shopping for Father's Day? Did you end up getting what you originally planned for dh or if you hadn't decided what have you decided now?

Also - when shopping for your Dad or FIL do you buy them both a Dad's gift and a Grandpa gift from your little one(s)?

Do you buy for anyone else for Father's Day?

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...yeah, haven't started yet. Oops!

The focus will be for Evie to get something or make something for DH, rather than me buying some (big ticket) item for him. I will probably gift my dad a cash gift as I usually do since that is really what he prefers the most, I would rather not personally, but that is the way he is, and I guess it makes more sense too as he lives out of province.

It's been the general consensus that Evie does not need to send a gift to Grandpa for Father's Day, just as she does not need to send a gift to her Grandmas or Greatgrandma. We might have her do that when she is older tho.

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My husband got his father's day gift last month - a BOB Revolution. I haven't done anything for my dad other than buy a card. No idea what to do for him though.

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I'm not sure if I'm done or not. The gift to DH will be from the boys. I have something small and I was thinking about doing a craft with them and having them give that to DH, too. DH's bday is a few weeks after Father's Day so I'm more focused on a gift for his bday atm. For grandpa, the gifts now just come from the boys (with all of our names on the cards). For DH and grandpa's, I bought some cute personalized cards on Shutterfly. They came out cute!

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I told DH that it's his job to figure out the grandpas since I did the grandmas at mother's day. DH got his gift awhile ago...a Satsuma Mandarin tree in a beautiful ceramic pot.

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We don't do too much for Mother's/Father's Day. I'm not sure what our plans are for Sunday, but I imagine I'll just be extra nice to dh (lol). Maybe let him pick what's for dinner, or if we go out to eat it'll be his choice. I did get a card from Miles to dh, and then cards for each of our dads. Also got my dad a little something - but haven't gotten anything for dh's dad. He's tough, and that's kind of up to dh. I know that Miles will also make a gift for Bill at school.