First u/s and OB appointment

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First u/s and OB appointment

All went well! We heard the heartbeat. Biggrin Talk about making it real! It was quiet but definitely there and we saw it as well. I was concerned since I am only 6 weeks and 2 days if I am right about the day I ovulated and so the heartbeat could have started as late as yesterday. Measurements looked good, yolk sac was visible, etc.

They went ahead and sent in a referral for the Perinatologist I saw before. Most likely she will start me on weekly progesterone shots around 13 weeks. Jason got to be a pro at giving them to me the last time around.

As far as how I'm feeling, I feel rotten. Since Saturday I've had 24/7 nausea that just won't let up. It's hard to eat, hard to move, hard to do much of anything. I had nausea with Jordan but this is definitely worse. Unfortunately the Zofran isn't doing anything for me. They called in Phenergan to try but I know it will make me horribly drowsy. If it works then it may be worth it.


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YAY!!! Adorable bean you got growing there!!!! Ugh about being sick though. The Phenergan will make you sleepy but it should help, give it a try!!

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What a great looking bean! So glad you got to hear a heart beat already. Nice! Smile

So sorry to hear that you're feeling so awful. Hopefully it'll let up soon and you will feel much better for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

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I'm so glad every thing looks good! Biggrin I'm sorry abotu the m/s. That is so sucky. I'm still scarred with how bad it was when I was pregnant with Ava.

Is your insurance good about giving you lots of Zofran, or do they do that cap you out at 10 pills every 21 days nonsence?

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Awesome! I am so happy for you!

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What a beautiful bean you have there. So happy for you! I'm sorry you are feeling so terribly. I hope the Phenergan helps!

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So happy for you that everything is looking good!! Sorry you're feeling so rotten. I hope the other med will help. It's hard when you have a toddler to care for. I definitely don't miss those days. Hang in there, it's all worth it!

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I'm so glad everything looks good!

Sorry about the nausea. That's horrible that it's lasting so long. Hopefully it will let up soon.

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Yay for a hearbeat and a great u/s! Sorry about the nausea. I drank tons of ginger tea and munched on almonds when I was facing it. Hope you feel better soon.


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Yay for a great appt! Biggrin When I had to take phenergan, I broke the pill in 1/2. It helped ease the drowsiness a little bit, but still cut the nausea. I still struggled with wanting to just lay down and sleep though. I don't think it helps that you are already fatigued early in a pregnancy anyway.

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Yay!!! Wonderful news! Sorry about the nausea. May be ginger or ginger tea would help? My fave was lemon drops.