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Thread: Funny things your kids say

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    Default Funny things your kids say

    The other day Andrew and I were walking down the hall and Andrew sneezed.

    me: Bless you, Andrew.
    Drew: No, Momma. I do it myself
    Drew: Bless you.
    Drew: There. I did it.

    I about died laughing! Silly boy!

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    Some of you might have seen this on facebook:

    A: Mommy, can I have that treasure chest?
    M: do you mean this box?
    A: no Mommy, its called a treasure chest. Say ttrreeaassuurree.
    M: treasure
    A: Good Job. Say cchheesstt
    M: chest
    A: Good job. Now can I have the treasure chest?

    Got to love speech therapy!


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    Ha, ha! Great job, Nicole!

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    - to both of those!

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    J is saying hilarious stuff all the time!!! I guess my most recent favorite:
    Me: J, you were invited to X's birthday party!
    J: Yay! I really want to go!
    Me: Ok, I'll RSVP
    J: Yay! I want to go because X is going to marry me! And I am going to marry her!
    Me: When are you going to get married?
    J: In 90 days, when I'm all grown up!
    Me: Are you going to buy X a ring? Daddy bought mommy a ring when we were going to get married.
    J: Where do I buy a ring?
    Me: The jewelry store sell rings.
    J: Like Kohl's?
    Me: I bet you could find a ring for X at Kohl's.
    J: Ok. Could it be plastic?
    Me: Sure.

    J and his girlfriend have been "engaged" for quite some time now. It's too funny to hear them talk. She is always telling me that she is going to marry J. At one point, they shared that their "baby" will be T. LOL. They have known each other since they were super tiny! Fun memories I will get to share with him when he is older.
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    I forget.


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    LOL, too cute! All of them!

    Miles is always saying funny things. One thing he does when he laughs a lot he'll grab his face and say "Ow. My face hurts!"

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