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The Future...

DH had his drop night tonight! Basically, the event that I've been counting down to for us to have some answers. We were EXTREMELY shocked to discover that my husband's career plane is his #1 choice! He will soon get orders to start training for the F-15E Strike Eagle!!! Our next PCS (permanent change of station, aka next move) will be to North Carolina! We are thrilled, of course, and have been celebrating tonight. Thankfully DS has chosen tonight to be a sleeping night (as opposed to waking every hour)!

Yahoo :party:

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Yahoo :yahoo: Yahoo When will you be moving?

So exciting to get his number one choice!!! :clink:

How did dh react to your surprise visitor? Have a fun weekend celebrating!

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That is so awesome, Jackie! Congratulations! He must be an awesome pilot for them to give him that plane. And North Carolina is great...when do you move?

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Yahoo :yahoo: Yahoo

Congratulations! That is very exciting for you guys!

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No idea when we'll move since there's a couple of shorter trainings that this plane requires first before we can move for his Strike Eagle training.

I am very excited to be going to North Carolina. My SIL lives there and will only be little less than an hour away from us. Will be nice to have family nearby. Smile

My husband had no idea that they were coming and he was very shocked to see them when he got home from work Thursday night. It was a great surprise and I'm glad it worked out so well. It's been nice having them here to celebrate with us.

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That is fantastic!!! Congratulations to you all! Smile

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That is great news that he got his top choice! I was wondering how it went last night when I was trying to get to sleep!