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Geat News!

After 89 days in NICU Baby Sydney ( G's cousin's baby born at 26 weeks) is finally home! Smile She was able to come home yesterday at 5 lbs 10 oz. Nearly 3 1/2 times her birth weight. :woohoo:

She is home on Oxygen and will probably be on that for 6+ months, possibly until next Spring if the winter is hard on her. Overall she is pretty healthy. She has some preemie issues with her eyes calle ROP. It is mild and they'll watch her over the next few years and do surgery if it gets worse. Her biggest issue right now is something is wrong with her vocal chords and she cannot cry or make noise. They think it's most likely from being on a vent for so long. She will see an ENT and see what they can do about that, if anything. The parents are worried about how to care for a baby that can not vocalize their needs without them looking directly at her. I hope it's a condition that can bee fixed. But, she is home, she is healthy and she is doing well. Smile

I'm sure yesterday was a pretty bittersweet day for them all. One one had they are so excited Sydney is home, but it should have been two babies coming home instead of one. I'm sure now that Sydney is home the loss of Brynley is even more evident. Sad

Just thought I'd update, since you guys were a great support for me during those first several weeks.

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OH wow! Great news that she's home. I often hear that they do so much better once home, so hopefully she'll keep making improvements. thanks for the update. I have been wondering about them!

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I'm so glad to hear that Sydney is home. I'm sure its hard for the parents, missing Brynley, but I'm glad to hear that Sydney is doing so well. I hope they are able to figure out what is going on with her vocal cords and get her crying soon.

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So happy for them that baby Sydney has come home and is making great progress. Continued hugs to you all for the loss of baby Brynley. Thank you for sharing and updating. I was wondering how baby Sydney was doing. So happy she is home.

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That is awesome news!!! I am sure bringing her home will be hard but maybe her presence will also bring them comfort. There is something about just being able to hold your baby in your arms that is good for the soul.

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So glad to hear Sydney is home! You'll have to let us know what the ENT says about her vocal cords. I can't imagine all that Sydney's parents are going through but continued prayers for them, Brynley, and all mourning her loss. Thanks for updating us, Amber! :bighug:

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That is great news!!!! I hope that her vocal chords will heal soon. There is a family in my area whose little girl was on a vent for quite awhile and the same thing happened to her. She's home now, and has her voice! I hope that the same will happen for Sydney after they have time to heal.

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That is very reassuring, Ashley. I'll pas that on to them. It's nice to hear positive stories. Smile

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That's wonderful! Continued prayers for them all! Smile