Has anyone even worked nights? (Totally OT)

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Has anyone even worked nights? (Totally OT)

I know this is totally off topic and random but I thought someone might have some experiences with this situation. DH got a new job (YAY!!!) the only thing is he will be working from 10pm-8am Mon-Thur. Has anyone work hours like this or their husband did? I know that when he gets home at around 9am he will probabley go to bed around 10 then sleep until 5pm have dinner with us then go to work just as we are going to bed. But him and I were talking about his days off and how they will work. He seems to think he will continue with the same schedule like he has when he is working but that means on the weekends we will never be able to do stuff together because he will be sleeping. I think on his last day off work he should wake up a few hours earlier than he normally does so he will be tired at night and be able to go to bed earlier (for him maybe like 3 or 4 am). So he can kind of get back to a "normal" schedule so we can do stuff as a family. I guess I'm kind of spoiled since we have every Saturday and Sunday together. I also suggested that he try to take naps on the weekends with the kids so that he can catch up on sleep. He didn't seem to fond of that idea. Any suggestions or thoughts are appricated. Also please don't say anything on FB cause he hasn't quit his old job yet. Thanks Smile

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Congrats on dh's new job! I really don't have any advice. Sorry. The only thing I can say is that I know a couple people who work nights and the adjustment in the schedule really took a toll on them/their bodies in the beginning. One of them specifically. One in particular always has 2 days off in a row. I'll have to ask them what they do with their sleep schedule then because I'm sure they also want to spend time with their son on their days off.

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Congrats on DH's new job! My DH has worked a roating shift, including nights for years. What he finds is that he cannot sleep all day. Generally he sleeps 8 am (he finishes at 7) until about 1, gets up for about 5 hours, and then sleeps from 6:30-10 (he starts at 11). On weekends, he usually sleeps until 1 on Saturday and then stays up with us and goes to bed around 2 am. On Sunday he gets up earlier, around 10:30 and then naps in the afternoon before working at 11pm.

I think it will take some adjustment. I highly recommend that you find something to do out of the house with the boys on Saturday mornings to let him rest. I've done swimming (I took my MIL as the extra adult), baby gymnastics, the library, outdoor splash pad, playground etc.

Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions!


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I work nights. My schedule is a little different, because I;m a nurse and don't do a standard 5 day work week. We do 3 12 hour shifts. When I was working full time, before kids I would try to work 3 on and 4 days off, so I could switch back and forth between a day and night schedule. After Ava was born, I still worked 3 12 hour shifts, but made sure they were never back to back, because I stayed up with her and just napped when she napped. Now I hardly work at all- 24 hours a month, but still night shifts.

Everyone I work with switch back to a normalish schedule on the days we're not working. I cannot imagain, even if I worked 5 days a week to not try to spend time with my family on my days off. Sure, when I switch I feel a bit tired, but naps are my friend.

If I was your DH, I would come home on Saturday morning, sleep a few hours, then get up and spend a normal day with my family- maybe going to be early if I was tired. Then spend all of Sunday like a normal day. It takes a little bit to find a routine though, and nights are not for everyone. Some people really struggle to make the switch.

I hope your husbnad finds a pattern that works for you all.