How do you store your out of season clothes?

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How do you store your out of season clothes?

Help, my closet is exploding...I need to pair down my waredrobe to stuff I actually wear...but also, I have a lot of off season clothes...what do you do with yours?


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When we were little, our parents packed away winter and summer clothes in big totes. At the start of each season we'd go through and pack up the ending seasons and makes sure the coming seasons clothes still fit.

For me, I honestly don't have too many clothes. I can fit all my seasons in the shared closet and my dresser without packing anything away. I do sort and donate my clothes often though. I try to keep my closet current and I stick to the if I have not worn it on 6 months, or it doesn't fit it goes.

A few times a year, I do a major cleaning spree. For clothes, I make trash, keep and donate piles. The clothes that I want to keep, I hang back up with the hook part of the hanger open to the front of the closet, instead of facing the back, like you normally hang up a hanger. I hang things all back up the normal way after they've been worn. Anything still turned around at the next sorting automatically goes to the donate pile.

For the kids, they seem to be needing new clothes each season. I try to do a lot of layering pieces that can move season to season. I keep a tote in their closet for outgrown clothes and I give them away as soon as that tote gets full. Clothes I think will fit again the next season, like shorts sweaters and snow suits, I store on a shelf on top of their closets.

I've become a neat freak, so I stay on top of it all most of the time.

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I have boxed with labels on the shelf in my closet. Winter pj's in one box, dress pants in another, etc.

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I don't really have different seasonal clothes. With the exception of a few sweaters, I wear the same clothes year round.

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Move apparently. Lol

I honestly have a super small winter wardrobe after years of desert life. It all fits in one tub. I don't ever store out of season clothes away for the most part though.

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LOL Jackie!

I don't really store them. I kind of just move them a little further back in the closet. Biggrin