I love Zappos!

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I love Zappos!

So, I contacted Zappos today because the shoes I ordered for Isaiah on Monday have not shipped yet. Normally, I get shipment confirmations the same day or the next day with Zappos. Well, apparently they are upgrading software and the shoes should arrive on Tuesday. The customer services person I talked/chatted online with gave me a $20 coupon and enrolled me in their VIP program (which is free), which means I can get free overnight shipping on orders! WOW!!! I already ordered a pair of shoes for me using the coupon and the VIP service. After all, my cat pee'd on all of my work shoes, and I have been wearing shoes that I don't like. It was about time that I bought myself shoes considering I just bought all 3 kids new shoes last week. Biggrin Yay me!

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Sounds like great customer service!

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I agree. Awesome customer service.

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that's great! I like hearing stories about good customer service. Smile

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My shoes that I ordered on Friday arrived yesterday. That was so nice. I am hoping Isaiah's shoes arrive today. Biggrin

I really recommend Zappos if you want to buy shoes. They seem to be comparable to places like Finish Line (most of the time) and they have free shipping all the time. Also, you have 1 year to return the shoes (obviously in good, not very worn condition) and the return shipping is free also. Plus, they tend to ship very fast. That is why I was shocked when Isaiah's shoes hadn't shipped by Friday.