I'm an auntie!

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I'm an auntie!

My dear little neice, Gwenyth Anne H was born yesterday at 1:20 pm by emergency c-section. My sister was induced due to low amniotic fluid at 40+4, but the baby had severe decels, so they decided on a section. Gwen weighs 5 lb 13 oz and is super cute! Both Mom and baby are doing well. I got to hold her last night when she was just 6 hours old. I'm so excited!!!!


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Congratulations Auntie! I know your sister has been waiting a long time for this! I'm glad everything seems to be going well after a scary delivery!

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Congrats to her!!! I remember you posting some things about her earlier in the pregnancy, so I'm very glad to hear that baby is here and doing well!

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Yahoo Congratulations to you and your family!! What an exciting time!!! YAY!!!!

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:cloud9: Congrats! So happy everyone is doing well! Love her name!

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Aw, yay! Congrats!!! New babies are so exciting. Biggrin