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Jackie! alwayssmile

Happy Birthday to YOU! :clink:

How are you celebrating???

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Happy birthday! Hope its a great one and that your boys spoil you today!

:occasion1: :icecream:


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Happy Birthday, Jackie!! I hope you're able to do something special for yourself today!


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Happy Birthday!!

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:cake: Happy Birthday Jackie! :cake:

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Happy Birthday Jackie!

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Happy Birthday!! :cake:

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Thanks ladies! I'm at my parents right now. My grandmother even came into town for a couple of days. We played Monopoly this morning starting at breakfast. Don't really have much planned other than enjoying each other's company. Tomorrow I'm driving 2 hours to spend the weekend with my best friend from college. Can't wait to see him and his wife!

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Ha[SIZE=4]pp[/SIZE]y Birthday [SIZE=6]J[/SIZE]ackie!

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Happy Birthday, Jackie!