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How was your first day yesterday? What's your schedule going to be like? Fill us in! Hope you had a great first day!

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I'm curious too! Are you on nights? who's watching the kiddos while you are working/sleeping (if you are on night shift)

Hope it went well.

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Thanks girls. It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I passed my boards on Thursday and my license posted today, so that's a relief! So far it's been boring orientation/corporate stuff. Tomorrow is computer systems training and Thursday and Friday are competency checks and classes with the clinical educator. I'm training on days for my first six weeks and then on nights for my second six weeks. I'll be working nights initially, but I'm first in line for days once they open up. I start on the floor on Sunday and work Monday as well, so in 8 days, I'm only with the kids one day this week. Sad I've never, ever spent so much time away from them. Especially Mac. He totally misses me and I feel horrible.

Tyson has been home so far this week and he is again tomorrow. Thursday and Friday our two sitters are sharing duties. While I'm on days, Tyson is covering one day a week and the sitter is covering the other two (three 12.5 hour shifts a week). Hopefully when I move to nights Tyson will be able to cover two nights a week and the sitter one night, as well as some day time hours so I can catch up on sleep. It will be hard to bounce from working nights to needing to be up with the kids. Daphne being in preschool for 4 hours a day five days a week will help.

I'm pretty pooped right now. I am NOT good at sitting in an auditorium listening to corporate mumbo jumbo with a bunch of people that ask too many irrelevant questions. I'll be very happy to be doing patient care on Sunday.

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Oh my! I'm tired just reading your post! Congratulations on passing your boards!!
I hope that a day shift opens up soon. You'll have to give us another update after you've started on the floor!

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Congratulations!!!!! Glad to hear that overall things are going well. I hope this transition period goes by fast for you and you all get on a routine!

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I'm tired reading your post too!!! I hope you're able to get to days sooner rather than later!

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How exciting on your license posting. Congrats on your new job and passing your boards! :clink: You are one busy woman! Keep us posted on how things are going next week!