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How are you guys doing in this terrible storm? I hope everything is ok!

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I heard from her this morning, and she said they were fine. It's been windy but all is well.

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Oh good! Thanks for the update.

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Cali! Thanks so much for thinking of me! My cousin has been stuck on the west coast of Florida since Sunday. She teased that we actually had it worse. (She has been trying to get back to the DC area)

Monday morning our store was already emptied out of all bread, batteries, water, not much milk left, etc. Quite a few empty shelves. I'm not even sure but I'm assuming and believe that everyone around here that lost power has it back. Minor damage nearby considering what everyone else within hours of here are dealing with. Monday night I was mostly worried about losing power and weather two specific trees of ours would come down but neither happened. Lots of rain and very windy! The sky on Tuesday morning was completely pink for a few minutes. Eerie. We had a terrible storm here Labor Day weekend a while back and Sandy ended up being nothing compared to that for us. (no power for 3.5 days, flooding, etc) And other than a couple people not having their phone lines working all was well with everyone in my family, too.

So sweet of you to think of me! Thank you! Biggrin

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I am glad that you are okay and your area was not hit hard. I have a few online friends who live in NJ. One posted today that she is okay, but houses on her street are severely flooded and several were removed from their foundation by the storm surge. Sad

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Glad to hear you're okay!!!