Lesser known Must-have books for baby?

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Lesser known Must-have books for baby?

G's cousin is having a baby soon. They do not know the gender, and seem to have most things bought off their registry. I was going to make them a few things and get some books. She registered for Brown, Bear, a lot of Dr, Seues, Good night Moon and some more of those common ones. So I wanted to get some that most people don't think to get.

So far I'm getting her:
-The little Engine that Could
-The Napping House
-Lama Lama Red pajama

I need a few more ideas. What are your lesser known must-haves?

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I really love On the Night You Were Born: On the Night You Were Born: Nancy Tillman: 9780312346065: Amazon.com: Books

I've read it to each kid on their birthday and it just has a very special feel to it.

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We love Down on the Farm by Merrily Kutner (Amazon.com: Down on the Farm (9780823421770): Merrily Kutner, Will Hillenbrand: Books)

Also, the Clumsy Crab / Fidgety Fish books by Ruth Galloway are cute! There's a couple others...Smiley Shark, one more, I think.
Amazon.com: Clumsy Crab (9781589254022): Ruth Galloway: Books

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Not that they are lesser known but Sandra Boynton books are wonderful.

If You Give a... books are great. I love If You Give a Moose a Muffin.

Baby Signs books are great. Jordan still looks at them.

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell is cute.

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I Love You Stinky Face (huge hit here!)
Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type was a HUGE hit with kids at the daycares I've worked at (keep meaning to buy that one for home)
Not so much a baby book, but preschoolers and younger school age kids seem to love the Don't Let the Pigeon.... series. We have a couple of them here and Aiden likes to flip through them.
Oh! And Knuffle Bunny. Love that book.

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I Love You Stinkyface - love that one!

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It is more a preschool book, but Isaiah loved all of the SkippyJon Jones books. So cute! I second the Clumsy Crab, Fidgety Fish, Smiley Shark books. Sandra Boynton is also a huge hit in our house. Our kids all loved The Going to Bed Book and Pajama Time. Those were their favorites anyway. When the girls were about 18 months old, we read Doggies every night. I barked like a dog multiple times a day sometimes. Lol Mercer Mayer's Little Critter books are cute also.