A little brag

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A little brag

Can I brag a little bit? I received the best e-mail about my son yesterday. It truly made my week, maybe even my month. I got this message from the staff at Isaiah's latch key program telling me how Isaiah is one of the most enjoyable and loving kids they have been around in a long time. He is confident, has a positive attitude, is enthusiastic, and sensitive toward other kids. They also said he has a lot of friends there. Biggrin

I cannot completely express how good this made me feel. Isaiah's K teacher was the last one to really talk about him this way. Last year, his teacher mostly complained that he was too social and he hummed while he worked. This year, we have gotten the social complaints and his difficulty with time on-task. So, it was refreshing to know other people see my son the same way I do. Granted, it is a different environment, but it is nice to know that Isaiah's strengths are noted.

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That is a great message, and I'm sure that it makes you feel better having him spend time at LatchKey! Go Isaiah!

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What a nice thing to hear about your child! Smile Sounds like a positive enviorment for him! Biggrin

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That's wonderful. It's always too bad when teachers focus on the negative...those traits will serve him very well in life, they should be applauded.

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Awh! So glad she shared that with you. How sweet!

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They complained that he hummed while he worked? Hey, if that's all they have to complain about then you are doing pretty good! Wink How nice it must have been to hear such positive things!

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Awesome! It's great to get that kind of news! I wish more people would focus on the positive in our students.