Matthew's First Birthday

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Matthew's First Birthday

I'm so bad at sharing. His party was back on 1/29. :oops:

Anyway, we had a bear themed party. All went well. I'll probably take these down after a day or two.

His cake:

One of his banners: (he had another that said: I am 1)

His cupcake. Gave him the one with the 1 on it.

Sitting in his new PB chair before opening his other gifts:

"You guys talk amongst yourselves. I'll open this."

"What's this?"

Thanks for looking!

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What a cute cake! Smile He is so adorable. Thanks for sharing!

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ADORABLE!!! I LOVE the cake! I wouldn't know how to go about cutting it! Matthew looks SO MUCH like Michael here!!!

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Thanks you two!

Ashley - yanked the head right off (the head was actually rice krispie treat) and pulled off the fondant arms then cut the body just like a big round cake.

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What a cute little guy and a great party! TFS!

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M2 is a clone of M1!!! He is so, so cute! Love his big brown eyes. What a sweetie.

What a fun party!! I love the bear theme. Very cute! The cake & decorations are very cute! And the PB chair is adorable! It looks like Matthew enjoyed his cupcake!

TFS!!!!! Smile

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That was incredibly cute! TFS! :mrgreen:

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Matthew is soooo stinkin' cute! You sure makes some handsome boys, Julie! I just love this party! The bears are sooo cute! they look even better on the computer than they did on my phone! And, that head was a rice krispie treat covered in chocolate? Yum!

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Aww, we don't get to see enough of that cute face around here. Biggrin The bear theme was a really cute idea and I want to take a big bite out of that cake. I love the banner too! TFS.

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Looks like it was a great party! Thanks for sharing!!!

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Thanks everyone!!!

- Did I miss pictures from Andrew's 2/19 party? How was it?!?