MELANIE!!!! - (Everyone look in here!)

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MELANIE!!!! - (Everyone look in here!)

3 days late! I'm 3 days late! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry.

Melanie's birthday was the 12th! I'm supposed to be on top of the November birthdays and I SUCK! So sorry, Melanie. :bighug:

Anyway, a VERY Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! How was your special day? Did you get to celebrate? :clink:

(Hope you'll forgive me! I could share the excuses as to what has me crazy and in another world but it doesn't matter I shouldn't have missed your special day. Bad co-host I am!)

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Awwww! I have not even been on pg. org all week because I have been super busy at work. No worries! Thank you for the birthday wishes. Smile We went out to dinner on Sunday, and the kids bought me a cake on Monday. Other than that, we did not do anything special.

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Happy Belated Birthday, Melanie!!! :happybday: I hope you were able to squeeze in a litltle time for yourself!


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Happy Birthday Melanie!!! Hope you enjoyed all your celebrations!


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Happy belated birthday!

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Happy Birthday!!! Cake is always nice. Smile

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HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Do you get the week off? If so, enjoy yourself!