melnzai - 11/12 - Melanie

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melnzai - 11/12 - Melanie

Happy Birthday!!! :clink:

What are you doing with your special day?!?

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Happy birthday Melanie!

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Happy Birthday, Melanie!

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Happy Birthday Melanie!!!! :thewave: I hope your day is relaxing (if that's possible w/twin toddlers, LOL)

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Happy birthday! Biggrin

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Happy Birthday!!!!

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Happy Birthday!



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Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day! Smile

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How was your birthday? Hope it was great!

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Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

My birthday actually was not all that great. It was a super busy day. I had to suggest to Isaiah to buy me a cake with daddy, and he refused to ask Craig. Craig was pissed when he found out and said he would have made him go. I wasn't going to tell Craig that Isaiah didn't want to ask him to take him to the bakery. I am not going to ask for gifts and such. Plus, shouldn't Craig be the one to suggest such things. So, I got nothing from my kids for my birthday. I was actually pretty mad about it because I always make the kids do something for my DH. This year, we celebrated his birthday a little early, and I made sure we had a gift and a card. My DH sucks at that stuff. Usually, I don't get upset about it, but this year it just set me off. I had to take DS to a church retreat for 3 hours that morning, and then took him to his school's Harvest Festival that night. I got maybe two hours downtime. DH swore he was going to clean around the house over the weekend, and that didn't happen either. So, I was a big witch this past weekend. I think DH got the message though. He did the dishes last night..even though I had to suggest it...and he did some laundry the other day. However, that just won't make up for this year. What kind of message is he sending Isaiah. Is this how Isaiah is going to treat his wife when he is an adult? OOOOH! Okay, vent over. Sad

Oh, and please don't think I want gifts. It is the thought that I want. It could have been a homemade card and some cookies for all I care. He didn't even tell Isaiah it was my birthday. Isaiah found out from me after his church retreat while we were on our way to the store. Sad

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I'm sorry, Melanie. I know what that is like and how it isn't about the gifts. Yes, Craig should be the one to suggest making or buying a card, etc. Some men just suck at it though. Even though when it is their special day we have the lo(s) do/make things for them. I'd be sad/disappointed too. Honestly, for my bday I told dh and reminded him that I really wanted a card from the boys and if they wanted to make something or pick something out that would be sweet. Sorry it wasn't the best birthday for you. :bighug: