Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas today! Any cute stories and pictures to share? Biggrin

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I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I've loved receiving all the cards in the mail. Thank you everyone!

The boys had a good time. Michael did ask why Santa didn't bring his glass and plate to the sink. Lol

Does anyone have any pictures to share?

Plans for New Years?

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That is so cute, Julie! The weekend before Christmas, I caught J sneaking away with his dad's phone. I then overheard him asking Siri how Santa really gets down the chimney and other questions such as how our Elf really flies to the North Pole.

We had a nice Christmas. I absolutely loved hearing the excitement from the boys on Christmas morning! So fun!

We had to cancel our trip to a parade this morning as T is pretty sick Sad J had it just before Christmas.

We don't have any NY plans. I'm just hoping everyone is healthy!

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Too cute Julie! Lol
Cali, I love that he asked Siri those questions. Any idea what her response was? lol

The day went really well. Just a few toddler meltdowns because he was so hyped up.
Aiden playing with his train set from Santa:

Zoe with her new buddy:

Zero new year's plans. Though our next door neighbors said as of right now they're just staying at home, so we'll probably drag them over to hang out. They have no kids (just married and several years younger than us), but seem to love ours oddly enough. lol

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Those stories are so cute. Love the train set! Smile Our kids had a great Christmas. The girls loved the easel that Santa brought for them. Isaiah loved his Skylanders video game. The cutest thing we heard around Christmas was the conversation my girls had in the car one night. Sarafina asked Keira, "Where does Santa go?" Keira replied, "Santa comes to our house and he makes all the toys and presents. I want to put Santa's cookie in my tummy." have to love how preschoolers think. Smile

Isaiah is in the questioning stage about Santa. So, he was just skeptical all season. Not much fun. Sad