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Had his follow up appt last night. The doctor feels that is was all related to dehydration. All tests have indicated that everything is within normal range and that organs are functioning appropriately. Phew! He didn't feel that putting M through more tests was necessary unless it happens again. He runs constantly and is always burning sugar and energy. He probably went to bed thirsty even though there weren't signs of that and became dehydrated throughout the night. (this after Sunday also getting hot and humid as well) He is looking at this right now as a one time occurance and was reassuring in the fact that if he did have a disease or large issue going on we would've been seeing other issues consistently. Like weightloss, no appetite, being sick one way or the other, skin tone issues, crankiness, developmental issues, etc. Also some of the diseases associated with symptoms M was experiencing he was already tested for and we would've already known if he had them. M's thyroid was also normal. Also the yellow stuff he spit up could've happened in the middle of the night (remember I couldn't even see this until I opened the window blind, it wasn't on his face or anything) and you know how it is after you get sick you feel drained/dehydrated. At that point his body probably began to get this way.

Now if this happens again we'd start investigating again. But bloodwork was reassuring. His body responded the way it should've to the sugar iv's, etc. He is not worried about diabetes at this time because M would've been wanting to drink, drink, drink all the time as well as eat all the time. He did feel the liver and it was great. He thinks that the liver (remember blood work in hosp was good for the liver) in the hospital may have felt enlarged because his body was dehydrated at the time. I might be forgetting a detail or two but basically it went as well as it could go. I had a list of questions with me and felt reassured with the doctor's responses to each of them.

Thanks so much for all the support this week. I really appreciate it. It was quite scary for sure.

Sorry I didn't update last night - I was about to come on to post and instead I walked to the kitchen and poured a glass of wine.

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Julie I cannot tell you how incredibly happy I am to hear that Michael is okay! Glad you had your glass of wine last night...I think I would have been tempted to have the bottle! Give M a big hug and take care of yourself.


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I'm so glad the news was reassuring. What a scary ordeal.

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What a relief that all his tests look good! I cannot imagain how scary that whole ordeal was! I hope you never have to experience it again.

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I am so relieved for you that you've found the problem and that it isn't anything more serious! How scary and stressful to experience this. I am also glad that M doesn't need to have anymore tests. I bet you will be feeling stressed for awhile now, wanting to be sure M is hydrated. It is so difficult at this age to get them to eat/drink what we want them to. Big hugs to you for staying strong through this awful ordeal. I do hope you are able to get some rest (and I hope you enjoyed your wine!).

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I'm so glad everything went as well as it could have at his appointment! Now, drink, Michael, drink!!

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Thanks for the update! I really hope it was a one time incident. Smile

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What a wonderful update! I am so glad to hear that everything looks good and it sounds like it was a one time thing. I am sure you are feeling much better!

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So glad to hear this that Michael is totally ok!

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Terrific news! I hope it's all in the past and he continues to do well.

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YAY - I'm so glad all the tests came back normal and he is doing better.