Miles & Vivi's Birthday Party (pic heavy)

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Miles & Vivi's Birthday Party (pic heavy)

Here are some pictures from the party we had this past weekend for the kids! We had a Princess & Pirate theme. The kids had a blast! I'm sorry if these are humongo. The kids are enjoying playing with their new goodies. They each got a ton of clothes (about 7 outfits or so each!). Miles got Hot Wheels wall tracks, a Lightening McQueen computer, 2 Switch 'n Go Dinos, a Thomas the Train projector/book, Thomas DVD...Vivi got 2 dolls, Fisher Price laugh & learn puppy, FP tea set, FP purse, books...I'm sure there's more... Smile

Goodie boxes for the kids

Vivian's smash cake

Getting ready to play Pin the Patch on the Princess

So excited he got the "race that goes on the wall" that he "ordered". Vivi already successfully ripped it off the wall.

Loving her new dolly

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Great pictures!!! Vivi is so precious with her new doll. And I love that Miles "ordered" his gift Smile Looks like a lot of fun!! Did you make the cakes? They are adorable, too!

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Everything looks perfect! I can't believe Vivi is almost one. She is so grown up! Love both the cakes. Miles is growing up so fast. Too funny about the gift "he ordered." Love how you worked the theme to do their parties together!

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I ordered the cakes at our Super Target's bakery. They do a free smash cake for first birthdays (well, it was .01) Smile

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Looks like it was a lot of fun!! Can't believe how big they are! Smile

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What fun! I love all of the pictures. I do love Vivi with her new doll. And ordering birthday gifts...well..that is how we do it as adults, right? Wink

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What a cute theme! My how they have grown...all our babies have! Smile