Moms of girls-- Hair products

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Moms of girls-- Hair products

Okay, I use Biosilk Kids shampoo and conditioner on my girls' hair. My SIL has bought it for me the past two times I have needed it. However, we won't see her for awhile. I looked online, but it seems hard to find. Amazon only had one left in the conditioner. So, I need something else. I don't like Suave or combination shampoo/conditioners. That is all I find at a store like Target. I need something tear-free. Any ideas?

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I still use CA Baby on the kiddos. Ava gets the conditioner and the spray in tangle stuff as well.

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I use a combo product, but I have to add the spray in tangle stuff. LOVE that stuff!


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I am no help - I'm using Johnson's baby shampoo on Vivian. I wonder if the hair salon would have it, or a place like Kid's Hair?

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I don't have girls, but I'm looking for some good shampoo/conditioner for my boys...

I just googled the biosilk kids and found a few different sellers on amazon! So, maybe they got more in stock? I hope you find it! I might check it out, too...

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I use California Baby and my Aussie conditioner. We use the detangler spray as needed too. Jordan gets horrible knots from laying in bed.