My hometown is on fire!

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My hometown is on fire!

Living in the mountains, wild fires are not a new thing, but it's been about 10 years since there was a fire up there of this maganitude. This paticular fire has already claimed 2 lives. When I lived up there, we were evacuated for 3 different fires, which was really scary when we had the horses at home. But I was thinking, what would you grab if you only had a few minutes to get your most precious belongings out of your home?

For me, it's funny how much it's changed since having kids. The most important things I would take are the things that are important to them. Ava has a blanket and a baby that she adores. Andrew has a special blanket. Other than those, I would grab the dogs, my phone, computers and important documents. But really, even the documents could be replaced with a little work, so those would be the last things I grab. I could have us out of the house in less than 5 minutes. Everything else is replaceable.

How about you?

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I'm so sorry to hear that, Amber. Sad

Besides Jordan, I would grab our dog, our backup harddrive, and our computer (which has loads of pictures on it). Those would be top priority for sure. There would be plenty of things I would not be able to replace but if my family was okay, then I would be okay.

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So sorry Amber, that's scary. I would grab out back up hard drive, my grandmother's silver (its in a bag), the cats and the kids. I scanned all my important documents, so they would be relatively easy to replace. We were just talking about the pictures the other day and I think I'm going to back them up on a USB and give them to each of our parents to store, just in case.


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I would grab Alison, the cats the dogs and DH! I would make sure that I had extra contacts so that I would be able to see...because without them I am pretty much useless...wouldn't even be able to drive. I would make sure that I have our laptop and cell phone/chargers.

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Oh no! That's horrible that it's already claimed 2 lives. Sad

I would grab us, my laptop, and NAS (backup). Honestly, if I saw the cat I'd grab him but I wouldn't go looking for him at all. I'd be more upset over my carriers than most things getting destroyed. Yes, I could buy more but DS is seriously getting attached to my wrap and they're an important everyday item for us. Important documents are in a "fire safe" lock box, but if I had time I would grab it.

Kristi, I'm totally blind too! I always keep a pair of glasses in my car just so that I can always manage to drive if I really had to.

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How sad, Amber. I'm so sorry. Any updates on the fires?

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Right now they have the fire 15% contained. it has burned 4200 acres (about 5 miles wide by 9 miles long), destroyed 27 homes, claimed 2 lives and 1 person is missing.

It was started by an ember from a prescribed burn from the week before. Generally March is our snowist month, but this year we've had no March snow and unseasonably warm temps, with high winds. The winds on Monday, when the fire started were 80 mph. They said that pushed the fire through the area where the lives were lost at a speed of 30-50 mph. They had trouble figuring out which way the fire would go, so evacuations were slightly delayed. They keep showing video that the people in the area took of having to drive through the actual fire to excape. Very scary!

People are pretty mad that the fire was started by the Forest Service themselves. The winds are expected to pick up again over the weekend, so hopefully they can get better control before then.

I think a lot of the people who lived in that area were unprepared for a fire, which doesn't help. When I was up there, we always had to go around clearing trees, dry brush and any hazzards away from the house. We also were prepared to leave if needed. Some people with this Fire took an hour or moe to leave their home after evacuation orders were given. I have a little trouble understanding that. There hasn't been a fire up there in 12 years, so I think they had a false sence of security. Very sad and tragic all the same.

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That is horrible! One of my good friends lost her home in the fires that were in Bastrop, TX last year. I can't even imagine.

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That is so scary. We've had too many wildfires where I live. The worst of them occured when I was put on bedrest after learning I was pregnant with J! We were supposed to evacuate, but we had no where to go as the entire city was on fire and all of my family was evacuated. I feel so bad for those people. And hearing that it was the result of an intentionally set fire has not got to be sitting well with people. So sad!

Aside from the kids, if I had the opportunity, I would grab my external hard drive that stores all of my pics/ videos. I would grab my box of important documents and I'd grab the few photo boxes that I use to store the kids memory items as well as my wedding memory items. When I evacutated in the past, I grabbed all of these things as well as some jewelry (family items).

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This story is so sad. I feel for the people affected. Sad

I would grab my laptop, the few things I have kept for the kids, and our wedding pictures. I also would pack up our cats. I would not want to leave them.