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My positive post

Okay, here is my positive post. I continue to get a lot of compliments about Isaiah from his after school care program. Last week, they took a field trip to a nursing home and sang Christmas carols to the residents. Isaiah helped to push a resident in a wheelchair and he gave another resident a candy cane, even though she already had 3. The caregivers for this program have gone out of their way to send me an e-mail or note to tell me these positives and I am so grateful. They don't know the struggles that Isaiah is having with school, which makes it even better. It shows me that Isaiah is such a fantastic kid with some wonderful gifts. I hope that we can continue to nurture his social skills and empathy, as I feel these skills will take you far as an adult.

Another positive for the day is that this is my last day of work until January 3. Yay!

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He really sounds like a sweet boy with a kind heart! Smile And yay for being off work for a while!

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That is the sweetest! I agree - good people skills is a great thing to have!

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The part about the candy cane made me smile. He sounds like such a sweet boy!

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He does sound so sweet!! That is wonderful!!! And hooray for Christmas break!

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What a sweetheart! And yay for vacation!!!