Nursery progress

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Nursery progress

I feel like I've been kind of scarce on the boards this week! Between potty training, and painting, I don't have a lot of time left over!

I am so fricken sick of painting, oh my gosh. It's taking 3 coats! Ridiculous! Plus I ran out of paint after the 2nd coat, so I'm just so annoyed with painting right now. Dh says he will do the 3rd coat when he gets home from work today. I can't wait to get to the fun stuff!

I'm not sure what I think of all the pink yet. I think once everything gets put back in place, and more colors get brought in it won't seem like so much?! I hope! I'm definitely not changing the color now!

Incase you missed in the chat thread, this is the bedding we have for going to be using lots of purples, white, and a little bit of that green in here.

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So cute Ashley! I love nursery decorating. Smile You'll have to post pictures when it's all done.

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Very girly! Love it! Can't wait to see it when it's all put together. Smile

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Very cute!

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Awwww the nursery linens are soooooooooooo cute! I love the colours!

I think the pink is fine, just looks like a lot b/c there's no furniture and nothing on the walls. As you say, once the other colours come in, I think it will be fine! Beautiful!

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That bedding is so sweet! I like using a girly color mixed with a more neutral color. Jordan's room is pink and brown but has a lot of blues and greens too. I think you could use green as an accent and it will help tone down the pink. Like the others said, it just looks super pink right now because it's so empty. I cannot wait to see it finished.

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The painting is finally finished! Phew! I'm glad that's overwith!

Kayla, yes, green too! I forgot I bought a new changing pad that is that green from the bedding w/white polka dots.

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Aw...can't wait to see it all put together! Love the linens. I think the walls are perfect...she'll be able to use that for years to come. Any name ideas yet?


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Very cute, can't wait to see it all put together!

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Aw! it's so cute! I bet it looks great once you pull it all together. Biggrin

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Looking good! And Yahoo for the painting being done! Now it's time for the fun part! Can't wait to see the next set of pictures!

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It's so pretty!! And so girly Smile That must be tons of fun for you! What does Miles think of all the pink?

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So cute! I agree that once everything is in there, it will look a lot different. I wish that we could have changed our nursery for the girls, but we did a very neutral theme for DS, so it stayed. Of course, now that Sarafina is picking the wallpaper off the walls, we will have to redo it.

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Very cute!! The pink on the walls is very similiar to the color we painted Alison's. I love the pink!