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Parenting Books

While ttc, preg or now have you ever read any parenting books? Which ones? What did you like about them? If you were ever looking for one on a certain parenting topic which topic was it and why?

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Nope...the only book I read was What to Expect While Expecting.

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My favorite parenting book is Playful Parenting.
I read this because friends in my AP group talked about how much easier it made getting through ages two and three. I have to agree with them.

I've also read a few on Attachment Parenting. And The No Cry Sleep Solution.

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While TTC:
Supernatural Childbirth
What to Expect While You Are Expecting
What to Expect The First Year

Dare to Discipline
barely reading Bringing Up Boys

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I've read a bunch- I like to pull bits and pieces from different sources and use what works for us.

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I have read:
1-2-3 Magic...decent
"Setting Limits for your Strong Willed Child" This one I think is great and is the one my pediatrician recommended. I got it b/c Isaac is definitely strong willed but I think it is good for any toddler/preschool age child. It talks a lot about teaching them natural consequences, instead of fighting and nagging, e.g. if they dawdle with dinner, set a timer and when it goes off, dinner is over PERIOD. Or if they won't get dressed in the morning just take them to daycare in their pajamas and they will learn quickly.
I think I tried Happiest Toddler on the Block but didn't make it through it.

Wanted to add that my favorite sleep book is "Sleeping through the Night"

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Pregnancy related I read:
What to Expect (eh. I didn't like it personally)
Your Pregnancy Week by Week (my favorite of those types)
Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way (would have been more helpful had I gone into labor lol)

Baby related I've read:
The Baby Book (read it while pregnant and I've referenced it quite a few times)
The Vaccine Book
The Nursing Mother's Companion (big help to me since there's no BFing help here at all)
No Cry Sleep Solution (well, there's no crying in my house and Aiden naps fantiastic, goes to bed great, just can't seem to get him to stay sleep longer than 2-3 hours right now. So it's 75% worked? lol)
NutureShock (love it!)

Have but haven't read yet:
Potty Training in Less Than a Day (it's from my mom)
The Discipline Book
Positive Discipline (started it, but haven't gotten very far)

On My Amazon Wish List:
Unconditional Parenting
Playful Parenting
Hold On to Your Kids

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I've read lots...the ones that stand out for me at the moment are:

Parenting your strong willed child
What to Expect...preg...first year...toddler years.
Feeding your child at home
Wonder Years (loved it!)
Healthy Sleep, Happy Baby (love it)
1,2,3 Magic
Raising boys (to be Happy Men? - I think)
Positive Discipline

There are a bunch more on my bookshelf...I also pick the pieces I think will work for me. I'm forever picking up a new one.


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OMGosh, I've read so many. I keep them just for reference now.

I don't think I can name them all, but a few include:
Pregnancy Week by Week
The Baby Book (Sears)
Happiest Baby on the Block
Happiest Toddler on the Block (watched the DVD)
What to Expect..... (was given these as gifts, these were not my favorite)
And many more...

I now have Bringing Up Boys on CD and am currently listening to it on my commute to work.

Regarding behavior, I have a bazillion of these books (I use these for work as well). I have become a fan of the 1,2,3 Magic books. I'm using this form of discipline with J and it is working really well. I really like the concept and the focus on 'stop' behaviors versus 'start' behaviors.

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I will try to remember titles...

Some pregnancy book that went day by day
another pregnancy book given to me by my insurance company, it was great!
Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful
What to Expect When You're Expecting
Good Night, Sleep Tight
The No Cry Sleep Solutions
Baby Whisperer (parts of it)
The Parent's Consicse Guide to Childhood Vaccinations (as a reference)
The Fussy Baby Book

That's all I can think of. I was actually wanting to read one for the toddler stage. I'll have to look into that book that you mentioned, Joy.