party games ?

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party games ?

I'm thinking of doing a game or two at the kids' birthday party this year. For those of you that have done games at birthday parties...what do you do for the winner? Just the fact that they're the winner? Do they get a prize? What kind of a prize? Lol

We're having a Pirate & Princess party so I'm thinking of doing a "Pin the Patch on the Princess game" and not sure what else. ----- Possibly a little treasure hunt in a big bucket of sand? Cali? Do you have ideas? I know you just had a pirate party for Jake... Biggrin

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I didn't do too much in terms of games. We had a pin the patch on the pirate game and that was ok. The big hit was the "walk the plank" activity. DH made a "plank" and the kids were each given an opportunity to walk the plank and jump into an inflatable swimming pool filled with sand. They were given their own treasure boxes and "map", which described what treasure they could seek. Each kid was given a chance to dig for jewels (necklaces and ring pops) and gold coins. It was a hit and everyone left with a lot of goodies.

When researching ideas, I considered a treasure hunt that required walking around the house/ yard, but I chose an activity that contained the kids to the backyard Smile We had a dress up area (eye patches, swords), the walk the plank and the pirate ship bouncey. That kept the kid super busy for the 2 hour party Smile

Good luck! If I think of anything else, I will let you know.

Oh and other parties we've been too with games, the hosts did not provide prizes for the winners. They're still so young... most of the kids run off and play and aren't around long enough to see who "won" Smile

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I haven't been to a party with games yet. But the last few 4 yr old parties we've been to has activities. I'm getting paper swords, shields, crowns and wands for the kiddos to decorate for Ava's party. I figure that will keep the kids busy enough.

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The big winner last year at the children's party I help run here at work was the sack race. They also really like to toss the bean bag and try to hit a target.

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Hmmmm lots of good ideas! I have seen the walk the plank and thought of doing that, too. I should add that it's not a 4 year old party. We're just having family, but we'll have 6 kids (10 and under) so I thought it'd be fun to do something to keep them busy. Briefly considered the Pinata but we don't have a good spot for it.