Party pics! (very pic heavy!)

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Party pics! (very pic heavy!)

Thanks for looking!!!! Smile :)

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Wow, Cali! Everything looks fabulous! What creative ideas!!! Love it all and I think your cake is adorable! Your little guy is a cutie. Assuming you rented the pirate bounce ship? Love it! Looks like a blast!

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Wow!! This looks awesome and I love the theme!!! So fun! Miles wants a Pirate party for his next birthday so I've been picking things up here and there. Where did you find the placemats?

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"Readyforbaby1" wrote:

Assuming you rented the pirate bounce ship?

Yes... we found it on one of those daily deals sites. The kids (and adults) loved it!

"AshnBill" wrote:

Where did you find the placemats?

I bought the placemats from Oriental Trading Company. I bought all of the pirate themed items from OTC, Party City and Target (I found the foam swords in the dollar section!)

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So I haven't been on here in FOREVER but I'm so glad I jumped on and got to see these pics! Soooo cute! Great job!

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Looks like a fun party!!!

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So adorable! The cake and everything is so great! Glad Jake had a great party! Smile

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Wow, what a fantastic party!!! You did a great job. Smile

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What an amazing party, Cali! It looks like such a blast! I love all the cleaver names for foods too. You did a great job! Smile

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Wow, what a fantastic party! Glad you had fun Smile Great job!


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