Pics pics and more pics!

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Pics pics and more pics!

Hey ladies. We got our photo cd this weekend and I wanted to share. I'll be making them private soon.

The first 4 sets are of both pregnancies and 1 month photos of the kids. Thanks for looking! Biggrin

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Beth - It's impossible to comment on all of those but I love the sock monkey pictures. (have always called M my monkey) You have two beautiful children! Love that blue color on all of you - great family shots. And some gorgeous maternity pics! Love 0597 from your pregnancy with Grace! And with Ben's pregnancy I love the one of Grace at your belly looking forward 9278. Thanks for sharing!

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I agree with Julie! The blue looks great. What a pretty color on all of you. You are all very photogenic and got a lot of great shots! You are going to have a hard time choosing which ones to print.

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I agree! those were fun to look at and you have some great pictures in there. Thanks for the glimps into your life. Smile

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The sock monkey hat pictures are so cute! I also love the family photos of you guys in blue. It's cute how you did blue for Ben and pink after Grace was born.

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Thank you all. Biggrin Yes... it's very difficult to choose what to put on the wall. heh I was hoping the pink and blue didn't come off too cheesy.

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I totally thought I had replied to this thread already when I looked at the pictures! Loosing my mind......

Anyway, those are some really great photos! I love them. TFS! Smile

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Me too Jackie! I looked at them the other day. Such sweet photos!

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I love the pink and blue idea!!!! I love all of the pictures. We have not had a professional family portrait taken and now you've inspired me to do so Smile Maybe after T turns 1. Thanks for sharing them. They are beautiful!