Pictures from the 14er (picture heavy!)

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Pictures from the 14er (picture heavy!)

I mentioned on the random chit chat thread that I was climbing a 14er this weekend. It was so beautiful, I wanted to share pictures with everyone. Smile

We climbed Mt. Bierstadt which is 14,060 ft tall. It took us about 6 hours. I wanted to go slow to take in all the views. Each time you went up, a new view of the mountains opened up. It was goregous! Most of the hike was pretty easy, but the top half got a little more challanging. It was steep and the last bit to the summit was all boulder fields. that part was pretty fun. The mountain classified as a class Two 14er, meaning there is some steep, unsteady footing, but you do not need climbing gear to reach the summit. I'm ready to do our next one! It might have to wait until next summer though. the weather up there can be a bit unpredicitable. We were lucky that it was perfect weather for us, but generally thunderstoms come in after noon. You don't want to be the tallest point on the highest mountain when lightening is coming!

This is the start of the hike, from the parking area. Mt Bierstad is the tall mountain in the back. The jagged stuff to the left is called Sawtooth. You can climb over that and then hit another 14er called Mount Evans (one of Colorado's more popular 14ers)

** pictures removed**

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That looks like fun! Your pictures make it look like a good fun climb. I have never even entertained mountain climbing, but I might be able to do that. Biggrin Of course, I live in the middle of flat country. There is nothing to climb here.

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I was hoping you'd share some pictures! Biggrin

Very pretty. Smile

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ok 1st - you look great!

2nd - I don't know how you do that. When we were in CO last summer we tried to climb morning glory and about died - I can't breathe in that thin air and that altitude. Jus has altitude sickness the first several days we were there and was stuck in bed.

great job Amber!

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thanks, Jenn! Smile

Come on out here, Mel and I'll do it with you! It was super super fun! We were being totally silly the whole time. I'm sure the other hikers thought we were nuts! But it was a great time!

there were even some little kiddos doing it. We got passed by a few 8 yr olds several times (they were moving between 2 parties on either side of us) Once we finally caught up to them on the way down, one of the little girls told us, "You guys are AWESOME!" It was adorable! I can't wait until my kiddos are able to give it a try too!

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Very pretty pictures! I would have definitely died. I can hardly make it down and back up to our mailbox, lol!

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Gorgeous pictures, Amber! And love the pic of you and dh together. You look great! Again amazing job!!!

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