plans for the 4th

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plans for the 4th

:unclesam:What are you all doing for the 4th? :waveflag:


(figured I'd post this a little early incase anybody was getting ready to head out of town!)

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We have a party every year but since the 4th falls on a Monday we are going to have our party on Saturday. Just family and a few friends, bbq some burgers, drink some drinks, kids play in the sprinkler. Fun times.

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Flying out to Seattle on Friday morning to meet up with DH and DD. We've got a big wedding to go to on Saturday and a huge family BBQ (probably over 100 people) on Monday at his aunt and uncle's house on the water. DH has a HUGE Norwegian family that's a lot of should be a good time.

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Fun, Joy! You are gonna freeze your little Texas buns off up there though. My local News reported they were having temps in the 50's today! Bring a sweater. Side note- did you ever find a dress?

We have a busy weekend planned. A baseball game on Friday night and watching their firework show. Saturday is a family BBQ with my mom, Sunday a family BBQ with my Dad's side of the family. Monday a BBQ with friends. Plus, I have to work Friday night. I'm already tired just thinking about it.

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Sounds like everyone has some fun plans so far! (Yes, Joy, also curious about your dress)

Not sure what is going on around here yet.

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Sounds like so much fun!

I'll be back at work on the 4th, since I live in Canada. However, I do have a stat holiday tomorrow for Canada Day, and we'll probably just take in some local celebrations at the park downtown. Hope to meet up with friends and my godsons, but then I did to talk to them about a playdate there first. Smile

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Saturday is when my parent's city is doing their annual fireworks show. I'm having lunch with a college friend. I'm spending the afternoon with high school friends at a BBQ. That night I'll be at my parents house and will walk over to the fireworks with them. Sunday and Monday will probably involve lots of swimming, BBQ ribs and pork sandwiches, and shooting a few of our own fireworks with my family. I might drag my sister to see a movie with me Sunday afternoon since a college friend of mine works at the theatre over there for extra money and will get us in for free. lol.
My husband is going to Corpus Christi, TX with a few single guys this weekend. Truthfully, I'm just glad that he's able to get out and do something for a couple of days since I know he's been missing Aiden and I. Little jealous that he'll be doing the beach thing though. Wink

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We have a family party planned for the 4th. Should be fun!