Please share your thoughts! (re: chat night)

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Please share your thoughts! (re: chat night)

The past two chat nights have been low-key. Seems like it has been very hard for many to make it. They have been at 9pm EST.

What time would work for you? We were thinking of switching it for next time. Let us know your thoughts! Biggrin

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9pm EST is 7pm my time, which is tough. The kids are still up and we are doing baths, books and bed. They go to sleep at 8, so after that is best for me, but I realize that is LATE on the East coast.

What about moving them to a weekend time? Would that work for anyone?

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I'm in a similar boat as Amber. Jordan has a late bedtime (around 8:45) and so I'm usually in the middle of that process during chat time. Nora also tends to be fussier in the evening and that requires a lot more nursing and bouncing. I used to have the laptop out a lot but now it's only every once in a while. Since I cannot really think of a time that will definitely work for me, I'll let everyone else chime in on what works for them and hopefully I can make it work.

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9 is late for me, I'm usually in bed around then - but I know that its early on the west coast. I really have no time to suggest that I can guarentee that I can be there...I do think a weekend would work better - but not during the day.


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It really doesn't matter for me. I'm pretty flexible for now.

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I haven't made it a long time. Sad I also think weekends would be better. 9 - 11pm is better for me.

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I don't know what I think about the weekends. I know I rarely get online during the weekends, and the boards are typically dead on the weekends! I do get online after the kids go to bed (so, like now, LOL) but then we run into the same issue with the time differences.

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If we tried one on a weekend would you want to try Friday or Saturday night? (I consider Sunday night to be the same as the other weekday evenings) Just curious to hear how people respond to this question.

Also - what if we alternated times? So every other chat could start at 9pm EST and every other at 10pm EST? Making so that for those on the east it isn't always too late and those on the west it isn't always too early?

I'm kind of thinking we could try one weekend chat and just see how many of us actually make it. Depending on the turnout we could plan future wknd chats? If it's not a good turnout maybe keep week night as always and alternate times? I see what Ashley means though. Weekends always seem to fill up with running here and there and with family time. :shrug:

Rambling, I know. Just trying to think.

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I love the idea of the chat, but I feel like I would never make it one. We are so busy and when we aren't, I am not sure I would get on my computer. I may try it though at some point when you figure out a day/time.