positional plagiocephaly

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positional plagiocephaly

We went for Vivian's 2 month well-child check last week and the Ped noticed she has a little bit of a flat head on one side. I noticed it before her appointment, but it's so hard to tell under her head full of hair so I wasn't too sure if it was just my imagination.

Anyways, Vivi really favors looking to her right. No matter what she's doing, she's turning her head to the right. I've been turning her head to the left, getting her attention on the left, etc. ever since her appointment, but man! This is a full-time job. Biggrin

I know there's a couple of you who have dealt with similar issues in the past, so I'm hoping you can chime in with any tips?

I didn't want to put her in the exersaucer this early on, but I also dug that out and have been using it a few times a day for a few minutes to get her off her head! She does fine in it with a blanket in back of her. She hates tummy time, but I'm trying to do more of that as well.

I've been putting her on her side to sleep...on her "good side" that she doesn't favor. She will stay like that because she's swaddled...but is that just going to do more damage to the other side of her head?

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I would not worry about it just yet. Their little heads are so pliable this early. Sounds like you're already doing the right things. Andrew had one side of his head that was starting to push the right side of his forehead out, because he favored it so much. He liked to go to the right. Which made since, we are all right handed, and did most stuff like getting him dressed, diaper change, etc. from his right side.

Some of the things I did, in addition to lots of tummy time, and using a baby carrier a lot instead of the bouncers and swings (Where he would still favor one side)

-Switched him around on the changing table, so he would have to look left to see out.
-Turned him 180 degrees in his crib, so to look out he had to go left.
-Made the left side of everything (stroller, crib, carseat) toy heavy.
-Switched his and Ava's carseats so he would have to look left to see her.
-Did baby massage and baby Yoga to loosen those muscles that get so tight from them favoring one side.
-turned his head to face left whenever he was favoring the right too much.

I was a bit worried about it. Even as Andrew was getting older, his forehead still protruded out on that right side. He didn't sit up unassisted until he was 8-9 months old, so it was a lot of work to keep him off that side. I thought for sure he would end up in a helmet, but my Ped told me to keep doing what I was doing, and sure enough he evened out once he got more mobile.

I think one of Holly's boys did go in a helmet. She might have some tips for you too. Gl! Smile

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We had something similar with Mac at that age. We pretty much did what Amber mentioned (especially the baby wearing and alternating sides of the crib/bassinette) and it was mostly gone at his 4 month visit.

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Jordan came out of the womb with a flat side and then had torticolis on top of that. She would always lay on the right side of her head.

I agree with all the suggestions above. In addition to doing many of those things, I also had our Chiro work on her neck and even her head. We also had a PT coming to the house for a short time and she would help Jordan stretch the side that was tight.

I was really worried that her head would always be a little off but I don't even remember the last time I noticed it. I Guess that means it must have really rounded out.

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Did the ped mention torticollis?

Sarafina had mild torticollis and had therapy to help with that. Keira was never officially diagnosed with plagio, but she had a definite flat spot. We did everything that Amber outlined. We kept her off her head as much as possible. We made sure both girls were essentially on their tummies whenever they were awake and we let them nap on their tummies as long as we were in the room with them. I will say that it was a lot of work, especially since you should really restrict infant carrier use, which made going out of the house next to impossible for me with two babies. It was winter, and getting K into the Moby wrap in the cold was really hard. So, I had to plan my trips and make sure that we were not out for too long. If I went out to eat, I made sure that I had enough hands to hold everyone in order to make sure the girls did not stay in their carseats for long.

K's head rounded out pretty well. I cannot say that I even notice much of a difference anymore.

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Alicia had pretty bad plagio and some tort too. I did all the stuff that Amber mentioned and had our chiro do some gentle adjustments on her neck. That really helped with the tort. It won't make the other side worse, it will help her head to round out. Alicia's forehead is still a bit pronounced, but I think she'll be a bang girl, so it will be fine. Don't worry, you caught it early and some simple changes at home will help a lot. Also, remember that with her hair, if her skull is slightly off, it won't be noticeable...no one's heads are perfectly shaped - ask your hairdresser Smile