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Some days Jason comes home and I feel like it looks as though I've done absolutely nothing. The same clean cloths are still piled on the couch. The dirty dishes have started to pile next to the sink. I may have showered.... maybe not. Thank goodness he doesn't complain!!!

But then, I think about what I have actually done. I've changed Jordan about 5 times (which can be a whole challenge in and of itself). I've changed Nora 8 or 9 times. I've fed Nora roughly 5 times. No doubt that I've changed Nora's clothes at least once or twice. I've probably washed and dried a load or two of laundry, even if they didn't get put away. I've probably hung diapers up to dry. I've fed Jordan breakfast and lunch and did our nap time routine. I've helped a baby sleep. I have attempted to eat a few times myself, as well as attempted to keep myself hydrated. I've dealt with discipline issues. I've helped Jordan clean up the 1000 beads she loves to play with X number of times. I've pretended to eat the apple pie Jordan made for me with her kitchen. I've cleaned up little bits of play dough that got all over the floor when Jordan played with it at her table. I've sung the Alphabet Song, Old McDonald, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (or some other combination of popular children's songs). I've changed my shirt three times since spit up always seem to land on me, no matter what. I've had a "conversation" with Nora. There is a 75% chance that I've made dinner.

When I think about everything that I've actually done, I know why I'm tired. And why my house looks like it does. As though I've done nothing, but in reality, I've kept three people alive and (mostly) happy. That's a worthy accomplishment, right? Wink

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You are so right with this line of thinking. A few weeks after Jake was born, I began to feel a little down.... I always felt bad that I was not able to take care of the house like I thought I should, I felt bad that I was not always able to run errands, I felt bad that dinner was not always prepared, etc.... When he was just a few weeks old, i quickly changed my way of thinking. I then listed all that I DID do each day. This positive outlook made me feel SO much better. This way of thinking was also VERY helpful when Trevor came along. I still think this way.... I learned that the basic needs of my kids and the undivided attention they receive from me is much more important than putting the dishes away, picking up toys, etc.... Smile

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I don't have anything to add because you guys just about covered it! Smile

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Hugs! This is a great, healthy way to look at parenting!


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What a great way to think about your day. I have to do this some days because with 3 kids, I never feel like I get caught up with housework. I have to remember everything I have done that day between getting them up and dressed, to feeding them, to playing with them, etc... Parenting is a lot of work.

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Yup! A very worthy accomplishment! What a great reminder to all of us whether we work in the house or both outside and in the home. Biggrin

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For me, being a SAHM makes me feel like I don't always earn my keep, so to speak. I really have tried to focus on all the things I do accomplish so I don't get trapped in that kind of thinking. I can imagine working out of the home has it's own way of making you feel badly too. All moms need to give themselves credit for what they do for their family!