Put down the shampoo and pick up a brew (spin off/hair thread)

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Put down the shampoo and pick up a brew (spin off/hair thread)
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Why would you use beer for anything other than it's intended purpose? Wink

That's pretty interesting what all you can use it for. I heard about the conditioner stuff before, but I'm not brave enough to try it. I wonder if the smell rinses away or if you walk around smelling like a bar?

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I cannot read the article at work, but I am assuming it is about rinsing your hair with beer. I have done it. It leaves it nice and shiny, but I am not sure it does much else. It certainly is a waste of beer IMO. Biggrin Oh, and you do not smell like beer at all.

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My mom used to do wash our hair w/beer sometimes when we were younger. I think we probably saw her doing it to her own, and of course wanted it done to ours. She must have wasted a lot of beer with us 3 girls plus herself! Lol I remember it makes your hair really shiny - and you don't smell like beer.

Julie -- are you planning to use the beer as a sleep aide? Wink