Quick update on Nora

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Quick update on Nora

I promise I've been wanting to update you all but I don't take my phone into the NICU so my time online is very limited.

Nora is great! Our only issue from the beginning has been feeding. Everything else has looked good, and feeding issues are totally expected at this gestational age. We started out with formula through the govashe (??? Spelling) and formula through an SNS while I had her at the breast. As soon as I started producing enough colostrum/milk to collect, we started mixing it with formula. I'm very happy to say she is on 100% breastmilk now! Yay! She gets the milk through bottles when I'm not there. I breastfeed her for the four day feedings I'm able to be there for. When she gets too tired, we switch to the govashe but will probabl try bottles today and see if she has any energy left for that. We got rid of the SNS two days ago so when she is at the breast, she is strictly nursing, no assistance. Smile That feels awesome. Now, we just have to get rid of the tube and have her eating only by mouth before she can come home. I don't like using bottles but hopefully we can transition to breast only once she is a little more alert and has more stamina. She nursed for 8 minutes, took a four minute break and nursed for four more this morning. That is huge progress. It will take time but we are moving in the right direction.

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Oh Kayla, I'm so happy to hear that Nora is doing so well. How are you? How is Jordan adjusting to the new routine in your lives? Has she met Nora yet?


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Those are fantastic feedings! Way to go, Nora! Those gavage feedings will be a thing of the past in no time! Smile

How are you doing, Kayla? How's Jordan? Did she get to meet her little sister yet?

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That's fantastic that she's on 100% breast milk now and is working towards transitioning to eventual breast feedings only. She sounds like she is doing absolutely amazing for a 34 week baby.

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Wow! She does sound like she is doing amazing! Way to go, Nora! So happy for you guys. I'm curious like the others. Has Jordan met her? How is she adjusting? How are you? I think that's amazing that she is on 100% breastmilk already! And...I can't wait to see her picture! Thanks for updating us. Thinking of you.

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That's great, Kayla!!! She will be home in no time!!! I'm also wondering how you're doing.

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Wow! I am so impressed with her! What a relief that she's healthy and that she's doing so well with feedings. I'm so glad that nursing is going well. It won't be too long before she's home, it sounds like.

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that sounds like things are going great!!! happy health to you both and looking forward to the birth story when you have the time and energy! big hugs to all and ditto the question on how jordan is doing? and how are you doing?