Raising our Sons/Daughters

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Raising our Sons/Daughters

Have you heard of these books? http://www.family-empower.com/parenting-books/raising-our-sons/

I have wanted to buy both books for a little while. The school counselor at work lent me the Raising Our Sons book and I am sold. It is so good. I love the positive parenting concepts it provides. I have not read the entire thing yet and it is really meant for discussion groups, but I want to share it with my hubby. Biggrin

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huh, I'll have to check it out. Andrew is a daily struggle for me. He is so challanging and often makes me feel like I'm a failure as a parent since I cannot make him happy. It worries me about how he may turn out. This may be helpful to make sure I"m parenting him to the best of my abilities. I'll have to see if the library has it.

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I haven't heard of these books but am about to check out the site...

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I think I've heard of them but I'm not that familiar with them. I have a few parenting books I want to read.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I'm always interested in new parent books! I will have to read more about this book!

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I have enjoyed what I have read so far. I will say that this is not completely a parenting strategy book. Mostly, it raises issues related to raising children in our society. I think helps to challenge your ideas or opinions on how you are currently raising your child or what things you need to consider before your kids become teens. It has already generated some discussion between Craig and myself. There are topics about boys and friendshps...and how to help them have healthy relationships, nourishing healthy masculinity, nurturing emotions and compassion, how to create an environment that provides your boys with a "safe haven", etc.

I think there was also a section or a topic related to helping boys manage the influence and desire for too much TV and video games. Something we work to restrict/manage in our house.